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We are an internet marketing company that connects your business to potential customers searching for your services, increases your repeat customers, and puts your company in front of your customers in ways your competitors are not. If you want a marketing company whose main goal is to increase your bottom line get in touch with us today.
How To Get The Most Out of Social Media

Are you lost over social media marketing? It may be that you’re not finding the right path. Not that there is a right path, of course, but a more ef

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Nine of The Biggest Web Design Failures

A website is the “marketing key” that unlocks interest and persuasion. A website is where one goes when doing research, choosing a product or serv

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Social Media Marketing: When It’s Time for a New Marketing Plan

Social media is a popular way to let your friends, family, and colleagues know what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, and other key lifetime notio

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What to focus your website on

Many business owners and marketing managers think we need more traffic. But when is the point that the traffic is not producing enough conversions? An

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The biggest myths of internet marketing.

There was a saying that still holds a lot of weight still in this day and age: “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet”. Half of the

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Why SEO is the most powerful form of marketing

We are frequently asked these questions about SEO: Should I use SEO? Why is SEO better than other forms of marketing? How can SEO help me get more cus

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How to not fail at eCommerce

Can you tell me a distribution channel that has no taxes (minus the state you ship from), has no barrier to entry, has low costs, and can be set up wi

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Why the Social Media Craze is Dying Down

Back in 2008 to 2010 the business world was on fire with the topic of social media. Companies were throwing around the idea of shutting down their web

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Why using PPC and SEO together is a great idea

SEO and PPC are great tools that are highly utilized by companies but not generally utilized together. Many companies use one or the other or use PPC

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Get Connected to your Customers

Our marketing company helps you connect with potential customers who have a need for your products or services. Consumers now have powerful tools to obtain information or what they need instantaneously. It's important for your business to be where these customers are searching so you and your business can be found.

Keep them coming back

It's important to keep your customers coming back. For most businesses, 60 percent of profits come from repeated purchases. It's also cheaper to get a customer to come back than to get a new one. With customer relationship management, social media, and email marketing, you can keep your customers coming back to you again and again.

Get in front of your customers

With so many companies using the same marketing techniques, it's important to swim against the current and market yourself differently. With an outstanding and eye-catching website, search engine optimization (SEO), and video advertising, we can help you get in front of your customers in ways your competitors are not. This enables you to stand out from the crowd and gain new customers.

What our customers say!

I used Grey Umbrella Marketing to get my product off the ground. They were critical to everything I accomplished because they helped me define my product, how to sell it, where to sell it, and whom to sell it to. After we developed a marketing plan, they carried it out and exceeded the goals. I was very impressed with how they under promised me and over delivered. They also return any phone calls and emails immediately, which is rare for their industry.

Murray Berlin Flicker Stickers, US

I am very pleased with the job Ron and Grey Umbrella did in designing my website.  The results were outstanding, and I have since received many compliments on the site.  During the implementation process, he/they kept me informed and answered all my questions clearly and completely. All deadlines were either met on time or the work was completed early.  If you want someone who is honest, dependable, and affordable, look no further than Ron and Grey Umbrella. (You may have to overlook the fact that he is a Patriots fan.)

Matt Gebhardt Gebhardt Law Firm, US

Marketing Plans

  • Unparallelled Strategy
  • Customer Analysis
  • Outlined Purchase Path
  • Methods to Reach Customers
  • Defined Key Messages
  • Clear Objectives
  • Easy to Understand
  • Dedicated Marketing Company
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Search Engine

  • Easy to Understand
  • Results Oriented
  • 100% White Hat
  • Link Building Strategy
  • Keyword Analysis
  • On Page Optimization
  • Made in America
  • Top Atlanta SEO Company
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Website Design

  • Modern & Innovative Look
  • Optimized for Tablet & Mobile
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • One Month Turnaround
  • Easy to Make Changes
  • Easy to Post Content
  • Dedicated Website Design Company
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Targeted Advertising

  • Display Advertisement
  • Videos on Popular Networks
  • Pay Per Click
  • Conversion Based Analytics
  • Segmented Campaigns
  • Targeted on Interests
  • Remarketing
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